Molex ML-XT™ Sealed Connection System


The ML-XT™ Sealed Connection System is the superior choice for your harsh environment wire harness needs, thanks to its high-performance seal technology that guarantees no leak paths and highly-reliable mating cycles.

A typical commercial vehicle harness can feature up to 50 low-circuit-count connectors that all require a securely sealed connection and the ability to withstand high temperatures, chemicals, and harsh environments, all at a low cost. Along with this, the connectors must be reliable enough to minimize electrical failures which would lead to downtime for machine service. In a field survey of 1000 connectors used in Agricultural and Marine applications, Molex determined that 90 percent of the failures in connectors can be attributed to sealing issues. After identifying this need, Molex engineered their own superior solution to use over the de-facto, industry-standard systems which had frustrated customers with lost seals and seal leaks. The ML-XT features a two-shot advanced liquid silicone rubber (LSR) seal molded to its plugs, and High Consistency Rubber (HCR) seals seated deep in the connectors to allow placing a rear cover guard, thus relieving any anxieties an OEM may have about sealing issues. The ML-XT connection system utilizes Molex's reliable XRC™ terminals with current ratings up to 13.0A, and supports tooling already widely used among wire harness makers.

Power & Signal Group has worked alongside Molex for 10 years to help its customers ensure their wire harnesses are reliable through providing a cost-effective supply chain and engineering support. Let Power & Signal Group help you make the switch to the Molex ML-XT today!

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ML-XT Connectors Colored

ML-XT Sealed Connection System Features and Benefits

ML-XT Liquid Silicone Rubber Seal Liquid Silicon Rubber (LSR) Plug Interfacial Seals bonded to ML-XT plugs to create a reliable interlock, prevent seal loss, and ensure advanced SAE J2030 sealing requirements.
ML-XT Secure Mating Tab Integral Locking Latches ensuring a secure electrical connection with low-insertion force. Locks feature rigid finger grips for easier unmating even with muddy, oily fingers.
ML-XT HCR Seal High Consistency Rubber (HCR) Back Seals that are deeply seated and protected, offering a highly durable seal that prevents ingress, loss of seal, or misalignment.
ML-XT Rear Cover Integrated Rear Covers providing wire bending stress relief, and eliminating path leaks and seal detachment. Rear covers are standard and removable, compared to welded add-ons in similar systems.
ML-XT Expanded Circuit Sizes Expanded Circuit Sizes fulfilling demand for complex OEM harnesses. ML-XT offers one of the greatest ranges of circuit options, including an 18-circuit receptacle not manufactured by other providers.
ML-XT Broad Colors More Available Colors and keying configurations than others, preventing any chance of human error, and the need to label wires.

ML-XT™ Part Numbering Sequence

093445 1  42  13  04  15

ML-XT 6 Circuit Black Plug
1 Receptacle - 093444
Plug - 093445
Receptacle Wedgelock - 093447
Plug Wedgelock - 093448
2 2 Circuit - 1
3 Circuit - 2
4 Circuit - 3
6 Circuit - 4
8 Circuit - 5
12 Circuit - 6
18 Circuit - 7
3 1.40-2.70mm blue wire jacket seal (1.40-3.05mm for 18 circuit) - 1
2.70-3.60mm orange wire jacket seal - 2
1.40-2.70mm blue wire jacket seal (1.40-3.05mm for 18 circuit) with heatshrink cap - 5
2.70-3.60mm orange wire jacket seal with heatshrink cap - 6
4 No Key - 0
Key A - 1
Key B - 2
Key C - 3
Key D - 4
Key E - 5
5 Black - 1
Grey - 2
Green - 3
Blue - 4
Yellow - 5
White - 6
Brown - 7
Orange - 8
Red - 9

The ML-XT™ Advantage

How exactly do these enhanced features set the ML-XT apart from the competition? The answers lie in a better design. Because of Molex's investment to detail on this connection system, you will enjoy the following over similar systems:

Lowered Total Cost of Ownership

When using a poorly designed Harsh Environment system, you may constantly experience system failures due to leaks, meaning downtime from taking entire machines in for service. Your connector seals may keep coming loose and fall off, meaning incurred costs on replacing defective seals. Time and money are both unnecessarily spent, and systems prone to failure may lower customer loyalty. The ML-XT's enhanced and durable features address all of these issues to reduce the unforseen costs of ownership for you and your customers.

Meets a Higher Standard

Unlike other systems, the ML-XT passes every single stand-alone test in the SAE J2030 Standard. This strict standard measures the ability for a connection system to endure a variety of harsh environment conditions. Molex itself has set the ML-XT against its own standard, High-Accelerated Life Testing (HALT), and ensured that the system can thrive through several harsh environment scenarios. Such scenarios include exposure to harmful aircraft de-icers, exposure to nitrogen within seeding machines, a rough trip through the Sahara Desert, and several other scenarios.

Fully Compatible with the Competition*

Receptacles, Plugs, Wedgelocks, Terminals, Cavity Plugs and even Tooling on defacto-standard connection systems are entirely cross-compatable with the ML-XT without loss of performance. This allows specially designed connectors such as headers and panel-mounts to integrate seamlessly, and gain the benefits of the Molex ML-XT.
*Proven compatible with the Deutsch DT Connection System. See Letter of Compatability.

Guaranteed No Leaks

The ML-XT standard assembly comes pre-assembled with a clip-on back cover over a deep-seated High Consistency Rubber (HCR) seal. The back cover provides strain relief for the wires should they be bent or contorted, preventing a leak-path or ingress. In competition standard systems, this may mean an opening into the back of the connector where fluids, or ingress from harsh environments may cause system failures. This cricital issue is history with the use of every ML-XT connector.

ML-XT Standard Assemblies

ML-XT Back Seal No Leak Demonstration

Competition Standard Assemblies

Competition Back Seal Leak Demonstration



ML-XT Application Tooling
Hand Tool


Commercial Vehicle
Agricultural Machines
Construction and Mining Equipment
Forest and Garden Equipment
Buses, Coaches, Caravans
Material Handling Equipment
Military Vehicles
Commercial Aviation

Sealed Application Examples

Sensors: electrical, fluid, velocity, magnetic, moisture, navigation, position angle, optical, pressure, proximity
Engine Control Units (ECUs)
Airbag control units (ACUs)
Air conditioning
Lights, lamps
Power steering modules
Alarms, horns
Infotainment and telematics
Electric seats

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